Krutika Chikara – Design Ethnic Wear

Max….People say its great place to work in the retail industry.
But if you ask me,I have worked here,played here,danced here,acted here,grown as an individual here.
For many its their 9-5 ,for some its way beyond that.
So many opportunities to learn and enhance your knowledge and personality.
The environment is comforting and nurturing .
Dream it and achieve it here.
we just need patience and good energy.
Max being driven by ethics and values actually makes you define fundamentals for your own self as well.
The fact that this company grew from one store to 120 in just a decade ,is inspiring and motivating.
When you reach the top ,its important you have people beside you,that’s what i learned here.
I am a proud MAXIAN and grateful to be associated with this firm.
Because here , I m happy.

Rajesh Rao Suryavamshi – Retail Ops Concessionaires

Im very much glad to be part of MAX team where “Work is not only work, it is fun as well”. The one single factor which inspires me at MAX is that special interest is given for the development of the employees , professionally – various training’s are conducted and personally many events/activities are conducted. Also to add up the attitude towards the work / company is on a similar grounds of all the team members, be it the Senior Management Team who guide us in achieving the company’s goal and in accomplishing the company’s vision. Equal and fair opportunity is given to new people to expose their talents/skills whether it is on the field or off. As our MAX caption goes ” Look Good, Feel Good” it is true word by word where many enthusiastic individuals come together and support for a one single cause.

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